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R61 8932-A29

DETAILs – ThinkPad R61 8932-A29 – (This string means) – BRAND: – Lenovo PRODUCT: – Thinkpad SERIES: – R61 TYPE: – 8932 MODEL: – A29 Details required -IF- you need support -/- drivers from the vendor – Select a product … Continue reading

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Error = "Vista"

POST-TITLE; – “The Error is Vista” – (Should never have bought a machine with this OS, .. dont like upgrades and buying the full Windows 7 at around $300 (+ or – $50) is un-acceptable, .. OTHER M$ bugs = … Continue reading

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Uninstalled Acrobat Reader 9.2.x

Yesterdays dummy-spit had me using BT4 – However, making a “permanent-move” to a Linux-based Distro (Right-Now) is not really an option, as I have a lot of stuff to get through, … and I do NOT want to be spending … Continue reading

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APP CRASH – (Firefox – Browser)

PROBLEM: APP CRASH – (Firefox – Browser) THE ACCUSSATION: – Evil “Bundled” software installer; – Skype – (Theyve bundled this addon into the installer) – and I have failed to detect it during the instalation. SOURCE OF PROBLEM: >>> … Continue reading

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Vista commands

http://itsvista.com/topic/commands/ (nice list of commands) RELATED – (To a recent post here at GRDnetau – titled; < F10 (access standard menu) > Here is an alternative way of accessing the hidden system file extensions (and other stuff; – click the … Continue reading

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Turn-Off Vista Search-Indexer

Blog post at ‘MyDigital-Life’ (Might be useful if you need to turn off Vista Search-Index feature) Windows Vista starts to crawl and index files on hard disks right after installed with a low priority background process. If you notice that … Continue reading

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M$ Deployment

Just a quick note to myself to RE-Visit this  –  Vista / Windows-7 / Server / Technet / Deployment site again soon.  (The video provides a nice introduction, and overview for image deployment).

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