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usb delayed write – (some explanation)

FROM: Remove_Sticks_Safely.pdf [APC – Magazine; Page-102 ~ February 2008] When you write data to a USB storage device, there’s no guarantee the data is written at that exact moment. This is the result of the operating system storing up read … Continue reading

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Knoppix 6.2 ~ is fun!

Installed pendrive version of knoppix-6.2 onto 4GB USB stick – Everything required just works. NOTE; Need Administrator permissions to successfully install to a usb stick Setup Internet connection, (Not to hard – if you have the ISP / DNS ip … Continue reading

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USB printer using LPT1 port

USER; Jonna (Has the following question) Trying to print with USB printer using LPT1 port THE SENARIO: – Looking for a little help from someone who can help me print to my USB printer using my LPT1 port? – We … Continue reading

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Using the 'Mount-Command' on a linux box

At The Linux Command Line URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqhEpvhZ4ck TechAnvil 20 October 2006 USB flash drives are great for moving files on and off of a linux server, but how do you do it? This quick tutorial shows you how easy it … Continue reading

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