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DNS cache-poisoning

Curious about how scammers – redirect you to a phishing (Identity-Theft) website?. ..  The DNS service is part of that system (Internet and Internetworking) being maintained by various infractrusture around the globe. More insight into DNS via >>>  (criketondns.com) <<< … Continue reading

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Billy Goat Detects Worms and Viruses

Billy Goat is built atop a security-hardened Linux machine that offers no real services beyond very restricted login. It is configured in conjunction with the network on which it runs so that traffic directed toward address subnets that are not … Continue reading

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SOPHOS – Free tools

Free tools Scan for security risks, threats, rootkits and unauthorized applications These tools can be used by everyone to reduce vulnerabilities and threats in their systems. They are free downloads that utilize our most up-to-date technologies and information.

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Security Upgrade Completed

Bot Activity – 30 Odd spam messages today;  So have had  a need to investigate a little bit and found this, .. pasted below THE UPGRADE PROCESS has been made easy by the developers of wordpress;  SENARIO – already using … Continue reading

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SecureStix – Biometric Flash Drives

SecureStix offer dedicated Biometric Flash Drives for those who want the absolute best in security and the encryption of stored data and also have a range of software solutions for those just wanting protection on their exising USB Flash Drive.

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Remote Exploit – Penatration TOOLs

THIS – DESCRIPTION FROM HERE BackTrack is the most top rated linux live distribution focused on penetration testing. With no installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started directly from the CD-Rom and is fully accessible within minutes. It’s evolved from … Continue reading

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The Security 'angle'

FROM A USERS PERSPECTIVE: #1: Basic Computer Security – (Minimum of THREE layers – Meaning:- Using a ‘Limited User Account’, Using, Anitivirus and having it updated regularly, Using a personal or ‘better’ firewall software) #2: Privacy issues, and what NOT … Continue reading

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Security Enthusiast

Channel9.msdn.com Video – 54 minutes, 18 seconds. Well worth the time, if your interested in understanding ‘Limited User Account’, ‘Standard User’, (As described in the Vista-OS) in a Windows environment. THE INTRO; (Pasted below) If you write code on Windows … Continue reading

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Security of WordPress (Ver 2.8)

Being very new to WordPress and the way in which this system MIGHT work, I have to err on the side of caution rather than blog away mindlessly. DATE / TIME: 9:15pm Wednesday 8 July 2009 Just discovered 3 comments, … Continue reading

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