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wp privacy settings

Discovery – midday 10 January 2010 ~ wp privacy settings Block search engines – (An option in wordpress) that I just had to discover (AND; –turn off). Since renaming Blog to blog – the number of hits / visitors has … Continue reading

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Phishing and Malware

Need to understand what Phishing – and other Internet nasties can do? [Start with the Firefox FAQ link below] Firefox 3 or later contains built-in Phishing and Malware Protection to help keep you safe online. These features will warn you … Continue reading

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SecureStix – Biometric Flash Drives

SecureStix offer dedicated Biometric Flash Drives for those who want the absolute best in security and the encryption of stored data and also have a range of software solutions for those just wanting protection on their exising USB Flash Drive.

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citizenship in eGovernment

QUOTE: Recommendations from a working group under the Danish Board of Technology. Public administration in Denmark is on its way to becoming digital. Digital technology, specifically the Internet, is increasingly applied to manage public administration and casework, and to communicate … Continue reading

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The Security 'angle'

FROM A USERS PERSPECTIVE: #1: Basic Computer Security – (Minimum of THREE layers – Meaning:- Using a ‘Limited User Account’, Using, Anitivirus and having it updated regularly, Using a personal or ‘better’ firewall software) #2: Privacy issues, and what NOT … Continue reading

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