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Browser plugin – NoScript

Due to the cost of ISP-Data-Rates, I now have to “ration” the content downloaded, (Esp video-content that is configured to “Play-Automatically“) The most useful tool to do this (currently Sept 2010) – Firefox-Plugin – NAMED – NoScript.net It might take … Continue reading

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Adobe plugin installed – (Browser – Iceweasel in Knoppix 6.2)

CHANGED WRITE PERMISSION(s) – SENARIO = THIS; – Needed permissions to “Write-Files” into the plugins directory. This browser (Iceweasel), ..  is some derivative from the Firefox stable. And it is the default browser with this distro. The default behaviour, where … Continue reading

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Saturday – (8th May 2010) – A day to re-organise myself, and general house-keeping, reviewing goals and objectives. Focus on the blog – (Amongst other things going on, like preparing to move house -/- shed) – I have TWO things … Continue reading

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Check the stat counter – DISABLED

SENARIO: The plugin called ‘Stat-Counter’ (Which I find useful) – but would like to learn MORE, about! PROBLEM: It was displaying the counter TWICE, at the bottom of the index.php (Front-Page of the _wp-blog) There has been a LOT of … Continue reading

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AUTOMATTIC – Widgetizing Plugins

One thing leads to another; – Just investingating http://www.worldtimeserver.com/clocks/ – and then somehow, I end up reading about wordpress wigdets and stuff – (Maybe because these are the t0ols that allow me to do stuff quickly and easily), anyway – … Continue reading

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