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A and M Series ThinkCentre Desktops

Removing HPA on M58p – The forum – has a LOT of links / information related, to removing HPA (Hidden Partition Area) FORUM SECTION; (Titled; “A and M Series ThinkCentre Desktops“) – The following four links (From this forum) are … Continue reading

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HPA – Predesktop Area

HPA  *(Hidden Partition Area)* – Also described as “Predesktop Area” AS – POSTED; (By Registered User ID –  surfandcross – SCROLL 1/2 way down the page) “As shipped, R40 hard drive was formatted FAT32, with an ~3G hidden area containing … Continue reading

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hit F12 key at POST

PROJECT: Rebuild Lenovo laptop (Model=r61) FIRST; Must be able to access the bios. The combination of Lenovo/IBM recovery system-tools, AND, Micro$oft-VistaBIZ os COMBINATION, serves to obsure-&-hide, simple things (LIKE; access to the BIOS) Hit F12 key at POST – (POST=power-on … Continue reading

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ThinkPad Hidden Service Partition (HPA)

When I boot into the XP-Setup program (Blue-screen text-based setup-install), with the intention to install XP, .. The ‘setup’ program will inform me that ‘setup did not find any hard disk’, which is simply incorrect. Instead, I have installed the … Continue reading

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Linux – Splashtop comes with the S10e

THIS LINUX OS; Is the one used on the NSW – DET Ideapad Splashtop is an instant-on commercial Linux distribution targeting PC motherboard vendors and other device manufacturers.  It is developed by DeviceVM. It uses Bootsplash[5], SquashFS, Blackbox, SCIM, and … Continue reading

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Linux Distro – Linpus

WIKIPEDIA-INFO: >>> Linpus Linux is a Fedora based operating system created by the Taiwanese firm Linpus Technologies Inc.[1] Linpus was designed specifically to fully support the Asian market, with full Unicode support for the Chinese and Japanese languages. A special … Continue reading

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Pre-boot service partition

[UPDATE POST – Three (3) broken links removed Monday 14th December 2009] [UPDATE POST – Friday 17 Sept 2010] Google-SEARCH “Pre-boot service partition” [UPDATE POST – Wednesday 9 Feb 2011] – Consideration 11 ~ are you sure -???- Gotta like … Continue reading

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Lenovo and the NSW Department of Education

INFORMATION: L4L – Project; Lenovo Announces Partnership with the NSW Department of Education and Training SYDNEY, Australia: March 31, 2009 – Lenovo today announced that it has secured a partnership with the New South Wales Department of Education and Training … Continue reading

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Current and future studies roadmap

CURRENT: (Certificate III Network Administration) – Course Number: 19003 National Code: ICA30105 Server Practical Project: [Contains three units] 1: Configure and administer a network operating system 2: Install and configure a network 3: Install and manage network protocols I have … Continue reading

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Job Search

Start@IBM Graduate start with IBM

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