Chipset RTD 1186 ~ (As installed on 3D Android Player)

This chipset RTD1186 is used on a multitude of devices –
google-image-search RTD1186

This aspect (ie, being installed into a "multitude-of-devices")
of said device, .. makes it nearly impossible to FIND specific
instructions related to "network-connectivity" - 

Seems like nobody could possibly have a problem, ..
No-name / unbranded (except for the Android-label)
Tech-support is non-existent - hence there is no problem.

~ 3D + Android 1080P Full HD Network DLNA MKV Bluray ISO Media Player Realtek 1186 ~

This chipset RTD 1186 DD can be found on the Realtek Digital Home Center

WHAT IS WORKING? – (aspect = provide network access)
Ping the device via IP-address? – YES
Access via windows shell? (ie, run | \\m) – NO
Access via browser? (ie, – NO
Tried the “Auto-configure? – YES, but that did not work (so – NO, it did not work)
Tried Manual configure? – YES, but that did not work (Again – NO, it did not work)

I am able to access the media player via network (windows 7)

Start > Run > \\  It works in that manner only, ..
I may find other ways to access this device, …


NOTE; – In the screen-dump above, .. a 4GB usb stick is providing the storage / disk-content.

Access to the Hard-disk, via the provided USB-3 cable, – YES – (This works)
Next-step – Allow this device to “Format the Harddisk” – CHECK-AGAIN, (that might work, .. resolve all the issues as the HDD is format NTFS, .. with server 2003 install), or getting another hard-disk, might be the easiest solution, as I dont want THIS HDD formatted yet.


#1: – ~ This site provides useful information, .. in the form of history / evolution of “Media Player Chipsets”.

The next generation of Realtek chipset, the ‘6’ series 1186 was released in early October 2011. This runs at 750Mhz, has HDMI 1.4, is optimised for 3D, and is able to dual boot into Android.

#2: – Device purchased – (still available on ebay)

#3: – upgrade this player to latest firmware for a try: -[141 MiB]-
I have used this firmware update (without ill effect)

Upgrading method:
1. Extract the downloaded zip file and you will get an install.img file
2. Copy the install.img file to the root directory of you USB flash drive.
3. Connect the USB flash drive to your player and remove all other hard drive from this player.
4. Go go Setting-Misc, you can upgrade this player there.

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MW2, where the term “LagNET” was coined & IWNet is IWShit

LagNET a New term? (probably not, but defined well by activision, Steam, and IWNet)


Known Issue – VERY common problem – (Steam is responsible?)

Connecting to IWNet, … (Does not work)
Sign into the Steam-client, .. working? YES
Start the COD-MW2 game, .. working? YES
IWNET, .. working? – – – – – – – – NO

Connecting to LagNET?

~ IWNet peer to peer multiplayer set-up ~

- 420_Bandit | Join Date: Dec 2011 | Reputation: 19
Posts: 158 ~ MW2 was where the term "LagNET" was coined. 

Dont feel bad, I have 51347/2048 internet and I get mass lag and lag comp. 
I've learned over MW3's life that it's less to do with netspeed/specs and 
more to do with bad coding and porting. 

The lag/lag comp is reason #3 why I have'nt touched this game in over 
2 months.

Lack of dedicated servers
Bad coding and porting
Steam platform used as advertising delivery mechanism
Just does not work in general

What is IWNET? and 2 important questions

1.COD:MW2 need IWNET in order to play online multiplayer? <

Correct, it's their new peer-to-peer matching services. 
There won't be any dedicated servers.

2.If Infinity Ward shut down the IWNET(becauseonly a few PC players use it), 
no one can play onlinemultiplayer games right?

Also correct.

So what is wrong when Modern Warfare 2 just crashes when you start the game up for the very first time ? Crashes back to desktop, Crashes the whole PC, Freezes the screen and doesnt respond or just Hangs in a black screen. Well it happens a lot. And hours of Googling is not something a consumer had in mind when he/she bought this game.

OTHER? (Yes this goes on)
BONE-UP - (Other technical terms related to IWShit - VAC)
most attractive feature of IWNET, which uses Valve’s Anti Cheat

Jamie Skella | October 21, 2009 at 9:16 AM | ~

Yeah, because clans really want a p2p game, or a bunch of Aussies really 
want to play on a US based server. Idiots.
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USB Infrared Toy v2

PIC 18F2550
$19.50 + P&H – Purchased? – YES!

* PIC® Microcontrollers ~ Microchip Development Boards *

#1: –

#2: –

#3: –

#4: – Purchase ? Start here with add to cart


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Floorplan designer

*The World Trade Center project in lower Manhattan*

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Fix MX700 – (with an axe)

LIST – Sites that might be useful resolving MX700 problems?
LIST – Not in any particular order – But number one [#1] seems like the most useful.

#1: – Taking apart a Canon MX700 all-in-one printer – By Tim Anderson

#2: –

Error U051 on Canon Printers
 Failure: no print head installed. Install the print head. Cartridge Error

Solution 1:
Press the triangle button for 5 seconds.

Solution 2:
Reinstall the cartridges; change the cartridges if the error persists.

Solution 3:
If the error persists: verify that the contacts on the cartridges and the
ink cartridge are clean and unscratched.
Finally, it is possible that the printhead is defective.

GOOGLE – SEARCH; Fix error U051

#3: – Free Printer Resetter

1) Press and hold the Stop/Reset button
2) Press and hold the power-button (Two seconds)
3) Now (with the power-button still held) – Press the Stop/Reset button twice.

The MX700, should now enter ‘service-mode’.

This procedure works well on my MX700, however the other procedures are not working for my mx700, (ie, Print the ROM page, or entering the “Set Region Mode”) – some experimentation might produce BETTER results, … (all for now).

[Updated; 7:45 PM Wednesday 30 May 2012]

#4: – Canon MX700 printer shows error code 5100

#5: – PC Medics – Canon Pixma Error Codes and Solution

[QUOTE PC Medic]
These are list of Canon Pixma printer error codes and possible solution. Applicable for Canon Pixma Inkjet Printer IP and MP Series. These error codes mean machine problems. In many cases, the machine will require service.

Canon Pixma Error Codes are indicated by the number of cycles of Alarm and Power LEDs blink, and the corresponding error code with the message
“Printer error has occurred. Turn off power then back on again. If problem persists, see the manual.” is displayed on the LCD.

#6: – Get the Manaul – care-of – Retrevo
Canon PIXMA MX700 multifunction printer

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FIN_WAIT_2 Timer, ~ and other assorted timers

Just viewing Proving It’s Not the Network with Path Analysis and thought, BEFORE watching this video, Ill check extactly what is currently connected to this laptop using netstat -a, which provided some info.

Often have 30 to 50 tabbed pages open in a browser, and three (3) largish bittorrent videos, and email, all needing to ‘connect-to-internet’, so the list from a netstat equiry is very long. Use: ‘netstat -a > netstat.txt‘ to capture the query-content into a plain text file.

VIDEO LINK-ABOVE ~ [quote] we explore how to quickly determine if the network is involved in the performance problem, or if it is free from blame. [end quote]

The netstat -a lists a number of connections with “FIN_WAIT_2 Timer” –

FIN_WAIT_2 Timer – (What exactly is this -?-)
The simplest definition that I see, (without getting all technical) is pasted below.

TCP/IP Security
A FIN_WAIT_2 timer is started when there is a transition 
from the FIN_WAIT_1 state to the FIN_WAIT_2 state. 
The value of this timer is 10 minutes.

For the other assorted timers? (title reference) – visit
#1: – Timers.ppt
I have no intention to explain in detail, … (just a quick overview / definition)

[SLIDE-2 of 24] ~ The 7 Timers for each Connection

Connection-Establishment Timer
* Establish a new connection.
* If a response isn’t received within 75 seconds, the connection establishment is aborted.

Retransmission Timer
* Based on Round-Trip Time (RTT).
* TCP sends data.
* When this timer expires, TCP retransmit the data.

GOOGLE-SEARCH – identify active connections using netstat -a

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3g for network engineers

Useful Links –

THIS-LINK; – This bloke has nailed it in one sentence – [QUOTE]  What Your Telco Won’t Tell You ~  A warning: many Telstra representatives will not be aware of, many of the company’s “other” products; also be very careful in terminology – much confusion can arise if you get lazy with product names (they’re all very similar). [END-QUOTE]




Telstra mf30 logon IP –

No longer does Telstra provide  the balance in ‘Data-Amounts’ , …  they only provide a ‘Dollar-Amount’ – (Another sneaky way Telstra gouges money) Balance: $70.63 (expires 05 Jun 2012)

Related post ~ GSM based technology ~

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Chipset ~ 945PL-S3

Chipset ~ 945PL-S3

search – Review and Release date 945PL chipset

According to – The release date for chipset 945PL was March 2006

The 945PL-S3 motherboard is based on the Intel 945PL Northbridge chipset and the Intel ICH7 Southbridge chipset. It supports Intel Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Duo, Pentium D and Celeron D Processors, with Hyper-Threading Technology and 800/1066MHz Front Side Bus support.

 $ Mobo_945PL-S3 $


The Intel 945PL Express supports one PCI Express x16 graphics card, while the ICH7 southbridge has four additional PCI Express lanes which are typically divvied up between PCI Express x1 slots and Gigabit network adaptor.

OTHER-LINKs – (Can your computer run that game?)

PCI-X, short for PCI-eXtended, – Year created 1998 – Not to be confused with PCI Express (PCI-E or PCIe) ~ I could not find a more confusing way to say it.

Confusion with PCI-Express -REF-

PCI-X is often confused by name with PCI Express, commonly abbreviated as 
PCI-E or PCIe, although the cards themselves are totally incompatible and 
look different. The reason for this confusion is that "PCI-X" sounds 
similar to "PCI Express". While they are both high-speed computer buses for 
internal peripherals, they differ in many ways. The first is that PCI-X is 
a parallel interface that is directly backward compatible with all but the 
oldest (5-volt) standard PCI devices. 

PCIe is a serial bus with a different physical interface that was designed 
to supersede both PCI and PCI-X.

A PCI-X Gigabit Ethernet expansion card. Year created 1998

*A PCI-X Gigabit Ethernet expansion card. Year created 1998*

GPU currently installed in said mother-board (945PL-S3) is a Geforce PCX 5300

Geforce PCX 5300

*Geforce PCX 5300*

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RC Helicopter

RC Helicopter



Identify this chip? [PCB ZN-YZ58010-B]

*Printed Circuit Board - ZN-YZ58010-B*

A NOTE ABOUT THE WP ‘upload/insert’ TOOL:

THIS-MARKUP; - (Was used to ad the 'grey-surround' to the image, 
and included the caption under the image) - [Will wp display this, 
OR require further 'adjustments to the markup'?][square brackets 
are a BAD choice of separator, but I like them]

*Printed Circuit Board - ZN-YZ58010-B*

HERE IT IS AGAIN: caption id="attachment_4930" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="*Printed Circuit Board - ZN-YZ58010-B*" (just ad square-brackets to BOTH-ENDS)
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sub-domain grd.*

remote – (lack of control) – found this url today, poking around in the cPanel-stats, … This hosting has turned up some odd arrangements with regard to the domain-name(ing) / hosting, …

HERE; – Is what I am getting at

Ok – I get it ~ The ‘grd’ is a sub-domain of the plan purchased (which included a ‘free-domain’) which was – which becomes the PRIMARY domain according to the hosting company.

In actual fact the domain is SECONDARY to ‘me’.

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