The Digital Revolution in NSW

CORRECTION: The S10e for the DET NSW – Lenovo Deployment has 2GB RAM! – (DOUBLED the RAM installed on the standard-model listed on the Lenovo website, which is a really good thing to have specified)

AND; The answer to the follow questions are answered by these Government Policies on the ‘’ website

What happens if my child’s laptop breaks?
What happens if the laptop is accidentally lost or damaged?
What happens if the laptop is stolen or vandalised?
If the laptop is lost, damaged or stolen, what will happen to my child’s schoolwork?
How should my child back up their work?
Are there any health risks using laptops?
What’s to stop an unscrupulous student selling their laptop and then claiming it has been stolen?
Under what circumstances can my child lose the right to a laptop?

AND – HERE; Is a list of the software that is installed on this machine – same website – different page (TITLE;- The laptop and its software)

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