Network Timeouts

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Windows Server and Windows XP have difficulty handling connections to network shares
that no longer exist. This can be simply illustrated in the following way, Start a
command shell in Windows XP (Start > Run > cmd) and enter ‘net view \\noone’ (can be
any unavailable resource) at the command line. The Windows kernel will pause while the
I/O subsystem searches for the resource and Windows will appear to pause. Depending on
your network, this pause can be lengthy, especially if you have numerous servers. The
inability of Windows to overcome this comman problem is also evident when searching for
files in popular applications such as Office. Attempting to open a document on a share that is no longer available will cause Word or Excel to hang while the I/O subsystem attempts to find the share. Compare this with Windows Vista. Opening a command shell in Vista (Start > cmd) and attempting to connect to ‘\\noone’ again produces a pause while the I/O searches for the resource. In Vista, however, pressing Ctrl+C causes the process to terminate and return control to Explorer.

 * Network Timeouts - XP and Vista *

* Network Timeouts - XP and Vista *

Similarly, in all versions of Office you may notice that the Cancel button is now available when searching for a document residing on a network share. System administrators, who are familair with hundreds of helpdesk calls produced by users vainly searching for shares on a server that crashed last night (and is causing Office to hang while XP attempts to synchronise with the non-existent server), will sleep more peacefully in their beds.

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