slmgr -rearm

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This command allow the demo / trial version of windows 7  to be reset, giving you another 30 days. This action can be performed four (4) times.

As part of deployment, many enterprise customers set up the Key Management Service (KMS) to enable activation of Windows in their environment.

slmgr -rearm 

Microsoft Technet: –  KMS Overview – (Key Management Service)
Let’s start with a quick refresher on KMS activation. KMS is a client – server model. It is conceptually similar to DHCP. Instead of handing out IP addresses to clients on their request, KMS enables product activation. KMS is also a renewal model, with the clients attempting to reactivate on a regular interval. There are two roles: the KMS host and the KMS client.

LocalREF: \\L14\ ~ ~ \ITadmin\016_rearm[w7]\ { 004_slmgr_-rearm.txt }

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