Chipset RTD 1186 ~ (As installed on 3D Android Player)

This chipset RTD1186 is used on a multitude of devices –
google-image-search RTD1186

This aspect (ie, being installed into a "multitude-of-devices")
of said device, .. makes it nearly impossible to FIND specific
instructions related to "network-connectivity" - 

Seems like nobody could possibly have a problem, ..
No-name / unbranded (except for the Android-label)
Tech-support is non-existent - hence there is no problem.

~ 3D + Android 1080P Full HD Network DLNA MKV Bluray ISO Media Player Realtek 1186 ~

This chipset RTD 1186 DD can be found on the Realtek Digital Home Center

WHAT IS WORKING? – (aspect = provide network access)
Ping the device via IP-address? – YES
Access via windows shell? (ie, run | \\m) – NO
Access via browser? (ie, – NO
Tried the “Auto-configure? – YES, but that did not work (so – NO, it did not work)
Tried Manual configure? – YES, but that did not work (Again – NO, it did not work)

I am able to access the media player via network (windows 7)

Start > Run > \\  It works in that manner only, ..
I may find other ways to access this device, …


NOTE; – In the screen-dump above, .. a 4GB usb stick is providing the storage / disk-content.

Access to the Hard-disk, via the provided USB-3 cable, – YES – (This works)
Next-step – Allow this device to “Format the Harddisk” – CHECK-AGAIN, (that might work, .. resolve all the issues as the HDD is format NTFS, .. with server 2003 install), or getting another hard-disk, might be the easiest solution, as I dont want THIS HDD formatted yet.


#1: – ~ This site provides useful information, .. in the form of history / evolution of “Media Player Chipsets”.

The next generation of Realtek chipset, the ‘6’ series 1186 was released in early October 2011. This runs at 750Mhz, has HDMI 1.4, is optimised for 3D, and is able to dual boot into Android.

#2: – Device purchased – (still available on ebay)

#3: – upgrade this player to latest firmware for a try: -[141 MiB]-
I have used this firmware update (without ill effect)

Upgrading method:
1. Extract the downloaded zip file and you will get an install.img file
2. Copy the install.img file to the root directory of you USB flash drive.
3. Connect the USB flash drive to your player and remove all other hard drive from this player.
4. Go go Setting-Misc, you can upgrade this player there.

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