MW2, where the term “LagNET” was coined & IWNet is IWShit

LagNET a New term? (probably not, but defined well by activision, Steam, and IWNet)


Known Issue – VERY common problem – (Steam is responsible?)

Connecting to IWNet, … (Does not work)
Sign into the Steam-client, .. working? YES
Start the COD-MW2 game, .. working? YES
IWNET, .. working? – – – – – – – – NO

Connecting to LagNET?

~ IWNet peer to peer multiplayer set-up ~

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Dont feel bad, I have 51347/2048 internet and I get mass lag and lag comp. 
I've learned over MW3's life that it's less to do with netspeed/specs and 
more to do with bad coding and porting. 

The lag/lag comp is reason #3 why I have'nt touched this game in over 
2 months.

Lack of dedicated servers
Bad coding and porting
Steam platform used as advertising delivery mechanism
Just does not work in general

What is IWNET? and 2 important questions

1.COD:MW2 need IWNET in order to play online multiplayer? <

Correct, it's their new peer-to-peer matching services. 
There won't be any dedicated servers.

2.If Infinity Ward shut down the IWNET(becauseonly a few PC players use it), 
no one can play onlinemultiplayer games right?

Also correct.

So what is wrong when Modern Warfare 2 just crashes when you start the game up for the very first time ? Crashes back to desktop, Crashes the whole PC, Freezes the screen and doesnt respond or just Hangs in a black screen. Well it happens a lot. And hours of Googling is not something a consumer had in mind when he/she bought this game.

OTHER? (Yes this goes on)
BONE-UP - (Other technical terms related to IWShit - VAC)
most attractive feature of IWNET, which uses Valveā€™s Anti Cheat

Jamie Skella | October 21, 2009 at 9:16 AM | ~

Yeah, because clans really want a p2p game, or a bunch of Aussies really 
want to play on a US based server. Idiots.

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