Chipset ~ 945PL-S3

Chipset ~ 945PL-S3

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According to – The release date for chipset 945PL was March 2006

The 945PL-S3 motherboard is based on the Intel 945PL Northbridge chipset and the Intel ICH7 Southbridge chipset. It supports Intel Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Duo, Pentium D and Celeron D Processors, with Hyper-Threading Technology and 800/1066MHz Front Side Bus support.

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The Intel 945PL Express supports one PCI Express x16 graphics card, while the ICH7 southbridge has four additional PCI Express lanes which are typically divvied up between PCI Express x1 slots and Gigabit network adaptor.

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PCI-X, short for PCI-eXtended, – Year created 1998 – Not to be confused with PCI Express (PCI-E or PCIe) ~ I could not find a more confusing way to say it.

Confusion with PCI-Express -REF-

PCI-X is often confused by name with PCI Express, commonly abbreviated as 
PCI-E or PCIe, although the cards themselves are totally incompatible and 
look different. The reason for this confusion is that "PCI-X" sounds 
similar to "PCI Express". While they are both high-speed computer buses for 
internal peripherals, they differ in many ways. The first is that PCI-X is 
a parallel interface that is directly backward compatible with all but the 
oldest (5-volt) standard PCI devices. 

PCIe is a serial bus with a different physical interface that was designed 
to supersede both PCI and PCI-X.

A PCI-X Gigabit Ethernet expansion card. Year created 1998

*A PCI-X Gigabit Ethernet expansion card. Year created 1998*

GPU currently installed in said mother-board (945PL-S3) is a Geforce PCX 5300

Geforce PCX 5300

*Geforce PCX 5300*

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