Identify the sweet spot

Identify the sweet spot [Cost of Hardware Against what it is required to do, … not “like/want it to do“]

HENCE – What is required from the graphics card?

According to ~ Battlefield-3

EXPECTATIONS ~ [MIN/MAX requirements] ~ [smooth game-play / minimum frame-rate required for ‘smooth-game-play’] ~ As with that round of testing, we used the High quality presets and designated forty frames per second and up as the ‘sweet spot,’ the level of performance where any temporary frame rate dips shouldn’t send you below thirty frames per second, which would negatively impact the gameplay experience.

INTER-PRETATION: – I take this to mean that anything above 30 frames per-second is considered acceptable, and a smooth gaming experience, … (Considering the $$$ budget, and power-consumption requirements, as part of the ‘whole-system’)

This screen-dump give some perspective on ‘hardware-requirements’ to play Battlefield-3 (On the High-Presets)

Identify the sweet-spot $$$

*Identify the sweet-spot $$$* - CLICK this image-link to visit the geforce hardware-buyers-guide

HENCE; – The GPUs to be reviewed will include –

GTX 285
GTX 460
GTX 470
GTX 570

In looking up the first in this list laptop gpu comparison – I found some interesting comments about these chips that went somthing LIKE this, …

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285M is the high-end graphic card of the 200M series and based on the G92b core (Desktop GeForce 9800 GTX+).


The power consumption of up to 75 Watts (of the whole board) allows the use of the card only in laptops with a strong cooling system. Therefore, the GTX 200M series can be found only in heavy and big notebooks.

IF you check the detailed comparision list – this GPU (GTX 285M) is a class 1 gpu, … (The list includes a long history going back at least 10 years or more, considering that in class 6 ~ they have included gpu, like S3 Graphics ProSavage8)

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