alt code ½™

Testing to see how / if wordpress will display alt codes [½™]
and lookup the hexi-decimal for these codes, …


It works, … with wordpress in ‘HTML’ mode (Not the Visual-Mode), … simply by copying and pasting the character from a notepad-file with the alt-codes already saved.

[ ? ] hammer & sickle [ number: ☭]

that is odd, … in the example the pasted symbol ends up being a question mark, … while hexi-decimal is displaying the character [☭] – see if it works without the square brackets ☭

hex ~ number ☭

Dont mess about with [square brackets] inside of the (Default) workpress “image-uploading-tool” ~ Better yet, … simply dont use square brackets as the image-uploader uses them to separate caption from image-path, … (and various other things, .. that I dont really need to detail / or understand at this point)


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