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_Lenovo / IBM] – Create Recovery Media –

Recently [Sat 9 April 2011] restored r61 laptop (Vista Biz os) back to factory defaults using the original “start recovery disk”, created 10 March 2008. Why I wanted to go backwards to vista-biz is a mystery until you understand the reason why, … which is due to w7 (64-bit) not running specific applications, … In this case the wifi hardware has stopped working and now identified as “broken”, … (now using NETGEAR WG511 Wireless PC, Type II slot) the netgear-driver/software would not work in windows7. (And Quake-III would not play)

OK – (That above is the scenario, .. Why rebuild is required)

IDENTIFY – [How I managed to “have a copy of the “Preboot” directory, which was required for the start recovery disk, … and was copied back into the hard-disk root (c:\) from 1TB usb external storage]

The Preboot directory was the result of running “Create Recovery Media”, … (LocalREF: – CreateRecoveryMedia2USB.txt – content pasted below)

THIS; has been completed - sunday 21 March 2010 - [f5 - 4:00 PM 21/03/2010]

RAN (The following tool)
Start | All programs | Thinkvantage | Create Recovery Media

This tool created THREE-DIRectories, on the 1TB usb HDD, and a fcopy.ini


#1: fcopy.ini
#2: boot
#3: tvtos
#4: Preboot

THREE Directories as noted above.
NOW; those directories are MIXED with the Existing DIR's on the 1TB HDD.
NOT; "Contained" - within a single DIR, (of my choosing)
(As I would have done, If the tool allowed)


#1: – How to use the pre-boot service partition to recover your software

#2: – Installing more than a few of Lenovo / IBMs Thinkvantage “Tools” can be counter-productive – (Be very selective)

The list of thinkvantage tools *HERE (on r61 Factory-Defaults)* >>>

Start | All programs | Thinkvantage | Create Recovery Media


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