Intel cpu

UPDATE – This could/should read * Intel® Core™2 Duo Mobile Processor * (T series vs L series) – more specifically the cpu onboard potential purchases on ebay.

Google search – T7500(2.2GHz)

*Core™2_Duo_Processor=T7500* Image-Link; T7500 Intel cpu specifications, -/ instruction set 64-bit -/ Max TDP = 35 watts

Google search – T2400 (1.83GHz) –

*Core™_Duo_Processor=T2400* Image-Link; - Intel-specs -/ Instruction set 32-bit -/ Max TDP = 31 watts

Google search – L2400 (1.66 GHz)

*Core™_Duo_Processor=L2400* Image-Link; - Intel-specs -/ Instruction set 32-bit -/ Max TDP = 15 watts

Google search - what does max tdp mean - - 

The TDP is typically not the most power the chip
could ever draw, such as by a power virus, but
rather the maximum power that it would draw
when running real applications. 

This ensures the computer will be able to handle
essentially all applications without exceeding its
thermal envelope, or requiring a cooling system
for the maximum theoretical power, which would
cost more but in favor of extra headroom for
processing power. [/END-QUOTE]

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