format using diskpart


#1: –
Start cmd.exe with administrator privileges, …

#2: – TYPE – diskpart

#3: – TYPE – list disk

#4: – TYPE – select disk 1
Select the disk-number (1 in this case) appropriate to the disk requiring formtting, … (The harddisk is listed as disk 0) – and I do not want that formatted right now.

#5: – TYPE – clean
At this point the disk is effectively “unreadable” in the windows file manager

#6: – TYPE – create partition primary

#7: – TYPE – select partition 1

#8: – TYPE – active

#9: – TYPE – format quick fs=fat32

#10: – TYPE – assign
Message-returned; – Dispart successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point.

#11: – TYPE – { Finished ~ All done yey! }
You can now use your freshly formatted usb-stick.

Sequence of commands

*Sequence of commands*

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4 Responses to format using diskpart

  1. Scott says:

    Thanks .. Helpful program sequence .. However, am attempting a reformat for a USB with a partition I’d like to erase, and the PC does not recognize the Disk in list disk (maybe the reason is FAT format instead of NTFS?) Lists another much larger external drive and the primary Hard Drive but not a USB drive which I am reformatting (16gb with a partition restricting its capacity to under 3 gb after attempting to harnass it as a boot drive). Later

  2. Scott says:

    Resolved the delete partition problem on the USB Drive (the Delete Partition does not appear as a pop-up menue option) except in the DELETE function of the Tools/Actions Menu bar on Disk Management. Highlight the partition (ie G 2.67 allocated in Partition 13 gb unallocated – highlight the allocated [save, any needed data in it frst] then click DELETE (the partition will be eliminated). Then re-format the USB Drive

  3. Scott says:

    Two more helpful links for reformatting the Removable FlashDrive after deleting the partition – if the normal Format function does not do it. Bootice is a Freeware utility available at the Softpedia link:

    The next link is a talk/walk thought the process using Windows (with Bootice) or Linux:

    • grdanson says:

      That looks helpful, your comments have been approved, sorry the third comments was only approved today Monday 18 February, (Due to backlog of ‘other-projects-being-neglected’.

      Thanks for all you effort in posting your comments.
      The ‘Ironclad CAPTCHA’ system can be difficult / tiresome, however spammers make this mandatory.

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