What is Fat Channel?

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PROBLEM – Laptop, Lenovo r61 (window7 64bit) wifi, is not connecting, or behaving the way it should.

Poking around various configuration of the Intel-mobile-chip > 4965AGN – and exploring what might be the cause, … (the usual suspect, would be lack of a working-driver for window7 (64bit))

AND – I found this little gem from http://forums.anandtech.com

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[AND – (He said this, with regard to making wifi settings changes) – QUOTE] “Unless there is something specific in a specific settings that the instructions are to change any of the Wireless hardware options it is better to leave them alone.

Unlike Mobos, Video cards, etc. where users got used to change parameters and Squeeze more from the hardware, changing the parameters on Network hardware without specific reason related to a specific Network is leading to trouble.” [END QUOTE]

There was also this info, regarding the initial question / answer

Fat Channel Intolerant – Communicates to surrounding networks that this WiFi adapter is not tolerant of 40MHz channels in the 2.4GHz band.

Now what channel might the telstra mf30-router be using? – Think I will turn this setting to disabled anyway just to see IF it might resolve the wifi connection issue on the r61.

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