LGA 1156

LGA 1156 – This article is part of the CPU socket series

LGA 1156, also known as Socket H or H1, is an Intel desktop CPU socket. LGA stands for Land Grid Array.

LGA 1156, along with LGA 1366, was designed to replace LGA 775. LGA 1156 is very different from LGA 775.

LGA 775 processors were connected to a northbridge using the Front Side Bus.

With LGA 1156, the features that were traditionally on a northbridge are integrated onto the processor. The LGA 1156 socket allows the following connections to be made from the processor to the rest of the system:

* PCI-Express 2.0 x16 for communication with a
graphics card. Some processors allow this connection
to be divided into two x8 lanes to connect two
graphics cards. Some motherboard manufacturers use
Nvidia's NF200 chip to allow even more graphics
cards to be used.

* DMI for communication with the Platform Controller
Hub (PCH). This consists of a PCI-Express 2.0 x4

* FDI for communication with the PCH. This consists
of two DisplayPort connections.

* Two memory channels for communication with DDR3
SDRAM. The clock speed of the memory that is
supported will depend on the processor.

Click me - Visit Full resolution image on wikipedia (2,233 × 1,675 pixels) shows more detail

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