Dynamic Related Posts -[Plugin]-

The plugin namedDynamic Related Posts – is working,-

It was installed recently, .. and having coding-stuff to configure, seems overly-complex, and initial impression was that it simply was not working due to needing more configuration, … so promptly forgot about its existence (It seemed to be doing nothing), .. until ‘extra-links’ started to appear, only on some posts. Those links have a formatting/syntax with numbers (and dots) appended, .. so I know it is not something that I have put there. I thought nothing more about it.

Today – It has registered with me, .. what is going on, (that plugin is working) – without me having to configure anything, (other that click ‘install’).

ONE-THING: – Just like the “info-box” plugin, .. the ‘extra-links’ only appear IF you are viewing “that-post” – ie, you need to click the title/heading of the post to see “only-that-post”.

CLICK THE HEADING – (If you would like to see related-posts on the GRD-blog)

 + Click Post Heading +

~ Click the Post-Heading ~

The creator of this plugin is clever – when you view the post by itself – (ie, not the ‘front/home’ of GRD-blog) – you will find the following text, .. (and hyper-link) at the bottom of each/every post.

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