Kubrick theme – (customised dtab plugin)

Kubrick theme – with a custom plugin called dtabs adding the navigation tabs on the home page, .. (the ‘tabbed-navigation displays on EVERY-Page) – The dtabs plugin requires some editing of header.php

THIS is such a common question, (What theme is this?) … think i will make a new post – (done this BEFORE in the comments, but unable to find it when I want to reference it via hyper-link)

ADDED – CODE  – (To enable the ‘dTabs’ plugin installed Wednesday 9 December 2009)
BELOW – Is the content of the Header > (header.php) – that was edited
INCLUDING – WHERE the code was placed – Ie, as the end of the code, before the last-ending </hr> tag, however, you might like to experiment with this aspect to suit your needs.
ACCESSED – Via the Admin-Panel | Appearance | ‘Editor’ (Thats it!)

Ha-Ha – the php-bit is ‘removed’ (will not display due to wiziwig editor-effect)  IF left in its ‘native-state’ – might have to make more effort to display the code in full. HERE it is – (i will try again)

if (function_exists(‘dtab_list_tabs’)) {

Add that code into ‘header.php’

~ _wp LOGO ~

+ _wp LOGO +

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