Adobe plugin installed – (Browser – Iceweasel in Knoppix 6.2)


SENARIO = THIS; – Needed permissions to “Write-Files” into the plugins directory.

This browser (Iceweasel), ..  is some derivative from the Firefox stable. And it is the default browser with this distro.

The default behaviour, where it reverts to its original-state after shut-down -/- reboot, .. deletes any files left on the desktop, and removes all browser shortcuts and history.

I had previously confirmed the correct file -/- plugin required to make youtube-videos play, .. using the Linux Firefox ver 3.6.3. Once this file ( was copied into the plugins directory, and restarted the browser, .. youtube-videos play. This browser was installed onto a separate harddisk mounted in the docking-station, .. and so now, always available.

BELOW – The sequence of commands used – (after; su – ) to allow me to write ‘a file’ into the plugins directory (NON persistent version of Knoppix on usb-stick)

Finally got it to work! – ADDED – (permissions) ugo+w to the target directory. Actual command typed out below –

chmod o+w /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins
chmod g+w /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins
chmod u+w /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins

There might be a short-cut to do “All-three” of these in one-go.
AFTER completing the adding of permissions in this manner, …
I was able to copy and paste the iceweasel-plugin required into this directory. ( – All that is required to make the youtube videos play.

While some of the webpages are still in the History of this browser, (I will list them quickly below)

#1: –
#2: –

UPDATE: – (Repeating this process will reinforce what has been learnt) – the screen-dump below shows only the command used to complete the “permission-changes” required to allow writing to the plugins directory.


Some other notes taken from youtube video on basic permissions (pasted below)

The GUI – Hide(s) the permission(‘s)
Most graphical tools hide the detail.

ls -l
ls -ld

Displays the permissions of the directory

ls -l .

Lists the content of the directory
. dot means the current directory.

+++ +++


#1: – Users,
#2: – Group,
#3: – Others,

The tutorials focus on setting permissions on “a-File” – where-as I am wanting to set permissions on the actual directory.

I will have to repeat this process -(every reboot) – for this usb-distro Knoppix 6.2 ~

HENCE; – Need to learn about the next topic called >>> Preserve changes or Revert on Shutdown <<< – which, … requires some definition of exactly what this means. (New post required here, – as this is getting right-off the original ‘post-topic’) – (A link will be added soon for topic “Preserve Changes or Revert on Shutdown”)

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