restrictions in effect

UNinstalled Chrome – (The eventvwr.exe hinted at shutdown slow-downs due to chrome)

GOOGLEDrestrictions in effect on this computer outlook

The link, describes (Most closely what has happend, Ie, remove the “Chome” web browser) – AND; removed some other Lenovo software, AND; – (Was messing about with gpedit.msc) … NOW have a problem with “Links in Outlook” generating the following error.

This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

a problem

Removed Chrome -and- Outlook now says this!

Unable to REVERSE the sequence of operations, .. -AND- Tried “System-Restore” – (Using the Adminstrator acccount) – which failed on TWO occasions. -Vista-Biz, is very, … (How should I put this)- non-functional, possibly due to ME trying make it perform (a little better) –

This operating system simply gets in the way of “normal” computer activities.

A SOLUTION -???- (website seem to have a nice simple / quick explaination and how to fix solution) here on this link >>> <<< so will give these options a try. BEFORE trying some of the Micro$oft options, .. which are hinting at “importing a registry hive” from another machine, .. (That sound like fun!)

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