Plugin – WP-Infobox

Want to test new plugin called “WP-Infobox” – (But figuring out how to use it is not obvious) – Now it is visible – (YAY)

Ok – Installed with “content-inserted“, .. AND – It is still not “Showing it-self” ? ? ? – (Might have to go read some instructions) –

THE ANSWER – “Only Displays on a single page

THE README.txt – (Tells me the following)

Add an info box to individual posts

== Description ==

Add an info box to posts. Only displayed on single posts pages, You can include:

* Title
* Lead in, free text below title
* Bullet list, max number of items is configurable
* Copy, free text below list

INITIAL PLUGIN-REVIEW – I looks really good on the single page, .. but IF it only works on a “Single-Page” it is sort of difficult to work for “Posts on the front of the blog” – (I would like my post to display the same on the FRONT of the blog) – but I will leave it installed for now, … just to learn MORE about how it works.

Might update my existing single-pages soon.

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