Uninstalled Acrobat Reader 9.2.x

Yesterdays dummy-spit had me using BT4 – However, making a “permanent-move” to a Linux-based Distro (Right-Now) is not really an option, as I have a lot of stuff to get through, … and I do NOT want to be spending TIME, researching software/tools/utilities etc.

SO; – today, … after getting the usual app-crash -/- browser-HANG, … I have UN-Installed Acrobat-Reader 9.2.x -AND- without having to reboot, … the Internet connectivity was miraculously restored, .. (LIKE immaculate conception) – it just started working.

THIS-TIME; – I will simply continue using the laptop, without ANY adobe-reader software.

TAG – Firefox Hangs – (I have changed the “Mini-Blog” sidebar) – To Vista-Biz

UPDATED –  Tuesday 13 July 2010 – The MiniBlog sidebar (plugin) has been removed (But I might put it back on-day)

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