I have spat the dummy with Vista -/- Lenovo -/- Crapware -/- Adobe-Reader -/- BROWSER – App-Crash-HANG, .. (What-ever the problem – it is NOT fixed – and persists – GRRRRRR –

Writing this from BT4 – (Back-Track Ver4) – (USB-Key installation of Linux Distro)
THIS-POST; – Is going to look VERY rough! – (Some browser feature like Java is missing -AND- Adobe plugins still required for the “Out of the Box” install of BT4)

Booted into BT4 – (Command-Line?) omg – ok – “startx” – (Starts the GUI)
AFTER; – getting into the graphical interface – (Connect to the Internet?) –

Services | Network | Start Network – (They really have made this easy for the new-comer) – Via Firefox Ver 3.0.15

Had to figure out HOW to mount, (any drive) – LIKE – The laptop HDD -OR- external HDD with backup files.

mkdir /mnt/usb2
mount /dev/sda2  /mnt/usb2
Which has given me access Via the Konqueror-Browser

UPDATED – Sunday 20 June 2010 – Found the Ubuntu-Mount/USB instructions HERE >>> <<<

MORE >>> About mounting file-systems and Harddisks – Search “Tech Anvil” on YouTube, … (This guy provides a NICE short demo / tutorial using ANY linux-distro to mount-stuff, … { Embed-video below } – HERE it is >>>

Damn – All sorts of stuff is NOT working – so the instructions above can NOT be completed right now, … So here is the url to visit on YouTube – >>> = Tech Anvil <<< – That will be interesting to see exactly WHAT is requried to make “normallity-return” using firefox on BT4

5:55pm – All sorted – The BT4-Team have a Firefox-Addon called – built into the browser – as installed out of to the box, which blocks-scripts.

Had to reset the password on the blog.

Text-Editor-Kate; – (Very nice editor) – I could get used to this!

XXXX – X = OBSERVATION – WordPress-Interface is displaying the pTAG for (paragraph) – XXXX – Checking the blockquote tags work? – Answer = YES – which provides SOME control of the formatting

SAVED-DRAFT – (just messed up the NICE formatting that WAS displayed BEFORE the save)

AFTER a forced interruption like THIS, it is difficult to resume WHERE I left off, I dont even feel like reading it now, … I am going for a walk!

BELOW: – The sequence of text “Vista-Related” -AND- saved into notepad, … that FORCED the “Change of OS to BT4” – considering it is now 4pm – I am happy to get THIS far, and be able to complete this post 🙂 –

WTF – Now() 2:15pm Thursday 27 May 2010 – Three browsers NOT connecting to the Internet!

SITES; – Attempted to open, BUT – The “App-Crash-/-Hang”-PROBLEM still exists.

Have made Chrome the DEFAULT-Browser, … AND – there is 15-Tabbed Pages open

AND; – Outlook 2007, Word-2007, Windows-Explorer, 3-Notepad-Files, …

AND; – Outlook can still send and receive “Test-Emails” -/- Just the browser(s) can NOT connect.
Tried, IE8, Firefox-3.6.3, Chrome being the default browser.

PREVIOUSLY – IF Firefox was to HANG, … I was able to open the alternative browser, and continue, … WITHOUT having to REBOOT.

NOW() – The three-browser (listed above) display NOTHING.

The Lenovo-Vista-Crapware-Abobe-COMBINATION, seems to Fail for me, and the Event-Viewer, (eventvwr.exe), … WHAT does it tell me?

PAGES NOT VISITED; – (Might revisit soon) – { Section Links ~ CUT / Deleted }
Might have to FORCE myself to start using the USB-Linux – (Knoppix 6.3) – As to date the problem continues to exist, making ME, post into notepad, … what you see above! GRRRRR – 2:20pm Thursday 27 May 2010 –

It really disrupts ANY “Workflow” that MIGHT have existed! – Rebooted, back into Knoppix, … That will teach it! – But I want to post-THIS into my GRD/blog, … once I boot into knoppix, … BACKUP – AND – Not the localREF-PATHinfo – *uc* – So I have Two copies – (Gotta be able to access one of them from Knoppix)
xxxxx\C:\Users\grdanson\Documents\2010\ERRORs\AcroRd32_exe\ { 3_NoBrowsersConnect.txt }

TIME – 2:25pm – Backup to external HDD! – Starts NOW()

I will have to FIND the Knoppix usb (asap) – but for now BT4 will suffice! – FINISHED 4:15pm Thursday 27 May – AND – There are four comments to respond to – I have approved those, but will get back to the “responding-bit” tonight, .. Thanks for the comments –

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