Installed FD Feedburner


SOURCE-COMMENT – Request for technical support – comment-734

THIS-POST; – Will be messy, till I figure out HOW to setup the RSS – FD Feedburner plugin – (for the Google-Chrome Browser) – Currently 10:05pm Friday 14 May 2010 – (1-Hours so far)

TITLE; Installed FD Feedburner

PROBLEM – Still (Chrome-RSS-Feeds) NOT working

Might need some “configuration” – ADD some rss -/- url type string

The Configuration menu tells me, .. (Might NOT work until I create a NEW post, – well here is a NEW post)

STILL GETTING – >>> <<< Big slabs of text - Must have to do MORE cfg. PLUGIN - CFG: - (Some detailed instructions read -/- and pasted below) How does this work? This plugin automatically redirects all of your existing feeds to Feedburner (including category and tag feeds). First go to and burn your feed. Enter the URL Feedburner created for you. You may optionally redirect your comments feed using the same procedure. To disable redirection, disable the plugin or erase the URLs. Once you enter URLs your feeds will be redirected automatically and you do not need to take any further action. Note that your feeds may not appear to redirect to Feedburner until you add a new post. PROGRESS UPDATE:- 10:21pm - Seem to have "Current Feed Content" working with the Chrome-Browser. The "Comment-RSS" - still need to be configured. ALL DONE; - >>> <<< (Gets the comments for GRD/blog working HERE, but NOT using the link at the bottom of the page, must restart this browser and try again)

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