Saturday – (8th May 2010) – A day to re-organise myself, and general house-keeping, reviewing goals and objectives.

Focus on the blog – (Amongst other things going on, like preparing to move house -/- shed) – I have TWO things that I would like to make changes on the blog, (comments and the RSS feeds) both of which require / present “time-sucking” development and experimentation procedures.

#1: – COMMENTS – Some way of pointing to “older-existing-posts”, that have interesting comments and response’s (that have become part of the blog). My idea, is to explore some of  the existing plugins, to see HOW each one works and behaves. I recently added

“Quote Comments”

Creates a little quote icon in comment boxes which, when clicked, copies that comment to the comment box wrapped in blockquotes.

however – this, does exactly what it says (above), .. which is good, but I am looking to make the comments, and responses MORE-EASY to access, for the reader of the blog, especially NEW readers, which I get a lot of. People new to this blog simply will not follow the links and explore (It seems), .. so I want to be able make “specific-posts”, accessible from the “Front-Page” of the blog. I understand there are many ways to go about doing this, .. but I will have to experiment until I find something that works for me, with this _wpTheme. Could just try another theme, which would be an exercise in “Starting-Over”, but Ill save that idea for another time.

#2: – RSS – FEEDs – Just like to add some more content and learn a little more about using the RSS (Really Simple Sindication) technologies. Exploring it from the RSS-Client-Reader aspect, and how it works for the developer, .. (Ie, what should I be mindful of?)

My connection has be slowed to dialup speeds, (Via ISP shaped plan) – so for the last few days, it has become very slow to get through the usual routine, (and some changes have been in order). In a way this have been good, as it forces me to THINK what is most important, and what should I focus on, .. Ie; – No YouTube videos 🙁

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