Part of keeping up to date

DROID Running Android 2.1 Update 1

QUOTE ~ YOU-TUBER; – motodroidlife — March 01, 2010 — – We flashed our phone with the Android 2.1 update 1 last night which is essentially the OTA update everyone is expecting for their Motorola DROID. This is not a custom or ported version of 2.1.

Part of keeping up to date – (Nice catchy phrase, from Australia Post Ad)

That phrase summaries what, how, and why, .. I post stuff here on my blog. There are a lot more rationalizations going through my head, but that is enough for now.

SEGWAYs – (into a number of other disjointed stuff that I want included somewhere, in this ONE post, / old-draft, DELETE -OR- POST? – here it is!)

Hoping the “App-Crash” problem (Related to Memory-Leaks? NO) – is GONE for good, and now (the day after UN-Installing Acrobat-Reader Ver8) that has been done, maybe I can ad stuff to this draft, (Forgotten what I was going to say, as this was started weeks ago) -STARTING NOW() – Monday 17 May 2010 – (Another NEW-START?) -[UPDATED – NOW() Tuesday 24 May – ReInstalled Acrobat-Reader Ver9.2, -AND- given permission for some “Adobe-update” to complete, …. … what else can I say, … The Browser is working as of right now, … Ill click update, so I dont have to save this text-string into notepad]

AND; How do I work into this post? – (I DONT) – I am going back to find another old draft started previously, … “Theme-Idea” = Advertising, and am I influenced? – Reference RN – Backgound Briefing; STORY = “The privacy paradox”

QUOTE; – Stephen Colbert: Thankfully folks, just like us celebrities now ordinary people can publicise their lives in minute detail, thanks to social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, sometimes I have to interrupt my Tweeting, Sexting, and Inbetwexting to buy or eat things, but now there’s a way to do it all. And it’s all thanks to, a revolutionary new site which lets you register your credit card online, then every purchase you make is automatically posted on Blippy. Wow! This is more exciting than going through old receipts. It’s going through new receipts!

DELETED; – Draft-Permalink – “”
QUESTION; – What happens with the php-number?p=2730, AFTER deleting the draft attached to that number?
(I dont intend to anwser that question, … I just like asking?

Thats the sort of thing that goes through my mind) – Draft?p=2730 was deleted – { Some oblek reference to iRobot-scene, “YOU, are having an accident” }

I know what I mean, … just nobody else can follow, … (me)

In relation to the Android 2.1 – There is an interesting article from Jason Hiner of TechRepublic detailing some recent (Last couple of years) -/- MAJOR changes in smart-phone abilities – LINK – >>> The rise of the computer phone <<<

Is Android destined to be the Windows of mobile computing?
With the spread of Android accelerating, the assumption that Android will become the dominant mobile platform is also gaining stream. But, how likely is it?

INTERESTED – In more Android 2.1 reviews? Click here >>> – YouTube~SEARCH~Android 2.1 – <<<

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