Kubrick theme

THE KUBRICK THEME; – Recent commenter(s) have asked what theme this is?

I have provided a response to these enquire’s, and feel that a formal “Post” will make it easier for ME to “point-to”, .. (rather than typing up a NEW response every-time someone asks that question in a post-comments-section).

RESPONSE-1; – (Copied and pasted, roughly verbatim)

This theme is the wordpress “Kubrick” theme. And I have 7 plugin’s, .. ?
11 plugins according to “Tool” – plugin central

* Advertising Manager
* Akismet
* Alkivia SidePosts
* dTabs
* Google XML Sitemaps
* Official StatCounter Plugin
* Plugin Central
* Theme Test Drive
* WP-Ban
* WP-Cumulus
* WP-Mail-Validator

The “dTabs” plugin provides the “Tabbed-NAVIGATION” on my blog. Hope this helps.
NOTE; The dTabs plugin required some manual-editing of the “header.php” file.

< ?php
if (function_exists(‘dtab_list_tabs’)) {

ADDED – CODE ABOVE – (To enable the ‘dTabs’ plugin installed Wednesday 9 December 2009)
BELOW – Is the content of the Header (header.php) – that was edited
INCLUDING – WHERE the code above was placed – IE, at the end of the code, before the </hr> tag.
ACCESSED – Via the Admin-Panel | Appearance | ‘Editor’ (Thats it!)

You might “Experiment” with this until it is placed, .. where YOU want it.

WORDPRESS NEWS-LETTER SUBSCRIPTION; Today sent me this “Theme” called Twenty Ten (2010) >>> http://2010dev.wordpress.com/a-parent-page/ <<< – Which I think look very nice, just a little concerned with leaving this theme behind, as it has the “simplicity”, and nice clean look that I like.

Better the devil I know than “Start-Over”, .. with something new. (Not very adventurous today)

RESPONSE-2; – (From post; – Release date for Windows 7)
[EDIT COMMENT; Starts here] – Thanks for you comment, – You site – (http://albinowie.pl/) – is very interesting – with the Black and White photos, and looks good. – I am not able to determine what blogging platform you are using.

The theme used here (Kubrick) on http://grd.net.au/blog/ – is the the default WordPress theme – which you can read about here >>> http://wordpress.org/ < << – the theme is from – Michael Heilemann – Visit his website here >>> http://binarybonsai.com/wordpress/kubrick/ < <<

WHAT THEME ? – (That is an excellent question) – more links below –
#1: – http://binarybonsai.com/tag/kubrick/ – nice 2001 a space youtube clips here
#2: – http://www.coudal.com/archive.php?cat=cat_stanley_kubrick

I am getting a little bit off track here – Thanks for your comment.

GETTING the default theme called Kubrick ? – (Easy if your using WordPress) – dont know about other platforms. – http://wordpress.org/search/Kubrick?forums=1

THIS – COMMENT: – FROM-URL: (Where can I get “Kubrick” from? ? ?  >>> http://wordpress.org/support/topic/296735 <<<
Kubrick is only another name for the theme ‘default’ that comes with wordpress in the folder:

OTHER NOTES; – I have between 6 and 9 plugins that make the default theme, what you see here.

AND; – Sometimes it is helpful to gather 3 or 4 ANGLEs on “How something is done”

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