dynamic dns

This could be of use Dynamic DNS maybe, ..

BANHAM – Established 80 years as the leading supplier of security locks and burglar alarms – Related topic “Physical-Security” http://www.banham.co.uk/ Thanks for you comment.

AND THIS; How to Install WordPress…with Better Instructions

AND THIS; Turnkey Joomla – Ready made virtual machine, allows the content management system (CMS) to be run on your local machine WITHOUT having to configure the database (As in WAMP installation), .. A prerequisite is to already have VMware-Player  installed, and understand how to get the downloaded ISO running. Personally I currently use a little 5KB set of files that allow the ISO to run, ..  without ANY unpacking of the iso file. (More details soon – Now() 12:15pm Sunday 2 August 2009)

FOUND-IT: LiveCD Virtual Appliance [4 KB in Size]
UPDATED; 12:20pm Sunday 2 August 2009
DL’d FROM – URL: http://www.vmware.com/appliances/directory/284

In other words, you can play ANY Linux (Or other OS) that is in the *.iso format, without any further configuration whatso-ever. (Just got to change the name of the *.iso to livecd.iso), instructions are provided in the ‘readme.txt’ file that come with this download.

AND-HERE; Is a little How-To, to setup and use the vmwarez – livecd.iso

AND THIS; LiveCD Ubuntu Customization From Scratch
This procedure works and can create a bootable Ubuntu live cd (along with the hardware autodetection and configuration) from scratch. You do not need to start from an already-made live cd.

You may wish to create an Ubuntu remix and distribute it as a live cd. Here is a way to do that without having to start from an existing Ubuntu Desktop cd.

THIS-POST; (Simply here for one-reason, to observe WordPress response to a ‘New-Post’, … Just checking to confirm that the right-hand sidebar has created a new-archive LINK, for this month called August, .. all done automatically by the Blogging software called wordpress, .. ) AND; Now it has turned into something else in the VM category. (ummm what / how to categorise this litte post now?)


Why is GeoCities closing?

DISCOVERY: One of my older studies / html development sites is still visible, and is VERY relevant to my current REVIEW / Cert-III Network-Admin studies. (At the same time amused that it is STILL there, disappointed that the HTML instructional site is gone, but is was not really overly helpfull, to new users,  just my working notes created as I learn), .. which has become an ongoing addiction, that I am learning to manage, and TRYing to be more BALANCED in my approach to all this technology stuff.

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