The F8 key (R61 Vista-Biz laptop)

Recovery of Vista-Biz Laptop – (AFTER doing some nasty hacks at the awful list of process’s running on vista-biz) – THE RESULT; Vista-Biz would not boot. Only get BSOD (Blue screen of Death), then restart and back to the Thinkvantage tools called “Rescue and Recovery 4”, .. which would do its best, and simply turned up it toes and continue to BSOD. (WTF?)

What good is all this ‘automated-recovery-service’?

OPPs – I forgot to mention that I was doing some pretty awful stuff to the vista-biz services running in the background. IE, using Autoruns for Windows 9.53 – (Running with Admin priviledges) – I managed to go through the ALL-Process list, and turn-off (Anything that had M$-Office-Groove ESP), and probably a number of others. Nothing that I thought would be considered ‘System-Critical’. (I was wrong, … opps)

This was late last night so, I was not documenting anything. AND; This morning, upon trying to RE-boot, I get the BSOD. (That is the senario)

SOLUTION: – (Which is not mentioned anywhere on the IBM/Lenovo R61 laptop) – Press the F8 key. This action provides access to the “Advanced Boot Options”. Note; This action, is NOT always consistent it would seem, hence, sometimes – even always, .. instead of getting the advanced boot options, it will take me into the “Windows Error Recovery” – THIS; got me thinking, WHY – cant I access the “Advance Boot Options”, consistently on every startup?

So while the machine is in this state of NON-Working, I set about some simple TESTs to figure out what is going on.

PROCEDURE; – continue pressing the F8 key every-second, (Once the initial splash-screen displays) until the ‘Next’ menu is displayed.

That seems to work.

BOOT PROBLEM SOLVED: (Once I could access the “Advance Boot Options”)
I tried to start with ‘least-damaging’ (OR, less-serious options) first, Ie; DISABLED – driver signature enforcement. Tried booting into Safe-Mode, for a number of attempts to confirm little changes in procedure were consistently failing to recover, or boot the system.
The last option available was “Last known good configuration” – Which allowed the system to boot as normal.

ENDS – My little story (And we all lived happily ever after) ? ? ?

Thinkvantage solution failed to fix the problem, hence are of questionable value, but I must admit, I did something pretty awful things to the system.

SUMMARY: (F – Keys) – On the R61 series laptops, (with Vista-Biz installed)

F12 = Boot Device List
F9 = Windows Boot Manager
F8 = Advanced Boot Options

A related (grdnetau) post – ‘hit F12 key at POST’

AN-OTHER NOTE; – There is an updated version of Auto-Runs (Version, v9.57)

Safe-Mode Boot – would BSOD on ‘crcdisk.sys’ – googled

Search phrase – Access Advanced boot options

Another – how-reach-boot-menu-vista-using-f8.html

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