Vista ~ ncpa.cpl

Need to configure your (Vista-Biz) LAN – adapter manually, and just cant seem to find the “Local Area Connections Properties”…. without having to wade through “Vista-GUI”?

GOOGLED   ncpa.cpl

Google-suggests  ncpa.cpl run as administrator

Type ncpa.cpl into the vista ‘Start-Search’ box – (The RUN box on any XP box), and press enter. This will start the “ncpa.cpl” – (The “Networking applet”) – from here, you can manually configure you LAN, and ISP/DNS ip numbers.

Little screen-dump (Coming soon) –

TYPE; ncpa.cpl into the Search box

TYPE; "ncpa.cpl" into the Search box (without the double quotes " ")

Vista ncpa.cpl registry edits ->>>  Tech-Idiots URL <<< (Looks useful – so pasted here )

Wikipedia entry – (List of control panel applets) –

UPDATED – 4 Nov 2011 – OTHER-SEARCH-TERMS – (That might turnup useful tech-sites) – ncpa.cpl as administrator

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