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RECOVERY SYSTEM – (Vista Biz -on-  IBM/Lenovo laptop R61 model)

Googled – “ThinkVantage Technology

With Windows7 RC expired, and cutting the power to the machine (every two hours), it is time to find another os. I have decided to try the “System Recovery disks”, (Created 10-3-08, when the machine was very new to me) –  The initial disk set is labeled.

#1: Start Recovery Disk – (Start CD Image dated 10th March 2008)

#2: Product Recovery Disc 1

#3: Product Recovery Disc 2

AFTER; These three disks have finished loading, .. the think-vantage recovery system is asking me, ..

IF you have a set of Supplemental Recovery Discs, please insert disc 1 into drive D: now and press Yes, otherwise press No.

I said NO.

The Recovery process will begin ‘x – seconds’ – (OK; So it was loading the previous three disc into RAM?) – so many details.

It tells me, .. ‘preparing the hard disk’ please wait. [11:05am]

SENARIO – NOTE1; the ‘One-Button’,  (Blue; Think-Vantage) has STOPPED working, Ie, the hidden service partition and access to it, via some IBM/Lenovo ‘stuff’ has stopped working due to the Micro$oft-Window7-installation.

SENARIO – NOTE2; This is the first-time the recovery-disc have been used

Googled – *.swmAND; This – post by the “Vista PC Guy”  – (Vista Deployment) has some related information  ->>> Installing Vista on a Machine that does not have a DVD-Rom
Posted by kyle on December 5th, 2006 filed in Vista Deployment

11:35am – The Welcome splash-screen has appeared, but there is more stuff loading. The Vista recovery displays the following directories.





Will all the “Crap-ware” be re-installed? – HINT? (The “DOWORK.CMD” is telling me); “Preload Customizations” in progress…… . Google Preload Customizations

FROM – URL: – [Paragraph-4 pasted below]

Today’s version of this optimization process is the removal of junk and spyware from your PC.  And part of what many consider “junk” are the many programs that we vendors load into our preload before we ship it to you, our customers.  Now let’s be honest. We load up this software because we receive money from the vendors to do so.  You as a consumer are much more likely to buy the full or upgraded version of a program if you already have it preinstalled.  This is worth real money to PC vendors.  On the other hand, it works both ways.  It is this revenue from the software that helps fuel the PC price war.  You all directly benefit from this practice.  Without it, PC prices would be more than a few dollars higher.

[11:55am – The DOWORK.CMD –  is still performing “Preload Customizations”]

[11:57am -Vista –  Shutting Down – AND; Discovery? (On that same lenovo-blog  – “called ThinkVantage Base Software Administrator“. – (read that blog post carefully, especially the last four paragraphs))

[12:01pm – The DOWORK.CMD – Is doing some MORE Preload Customizations]

LINK: Points to url;

TOOL / UTILITY; ThinkVantage Base Software Administrator.

This wonderful little tool allows you to see our preload recovery area for both our desktops and our notebooks.  You can then choose which programs, patches, and utilities you want to have installed, and which ones you don’t.  The typical scenario would be to boot up your system for the first time, create a “manifest file” using this tool, and immediately thereafter do a factory recovery.  However, when the system recovers, it recovers to YOUR specifications.  The major advantages to doing it this way is you spend much less time as the recovery is automated, and since these programs are never installed, you don’t have any residual Registry junk from incomplete uninstalls.
[END-QUOTE][AND; He goes on to say some MORE below (Which is important)]

There is one major caveat though.  Unless you have a VERY recent system from us, you won’t be able to use this tool.  (Specifically the system must have our Rescue and Recovery version 3.1 or newer preinstalled.)  This entry was posted on Tuesday, February 20th, 2007 at 2:23 pm

[12:20pm – DOWORK.CMD, and the Preload Customizations finish, and Vista-Biz is shutting down]

[12:25pm – DOWORK.CMD, is doing some MORE preload-customizations][AND; 12:33pm – Shutting down is taking an extended-time, opps all done 12:33pm]

[12:36pm – DOWORK.CMD, is continuing some MORE preload-customizations][I will have to count up the numbe of Re-Starts, as this is getting to be a joke / laugh / unbelievable, and somebody is making money out of it?]

[12:45pm – I can see the Vista-Biz Desktop of the first time, and ‘Preload-Customizations’ in progress…… is still running]

[12:48pm – It is logging OFF, and starting, YEY – quickly]

[12:49pm – Setup – Country? Australia! – and – please read the license terms. Accept BOTH the Micro$oft, AND the Lenovo International License Agreements for Non-Warranted Programs (What does Non-Warranted mean?) – It nearly finished, just a user-name now.

some other stuff like, computer name, and do I want various Lenovo-warranty EXTRAs?

[12:55pm – Its doing MORE auto-configuration / performance ENHANCEMENTs]

[1:01pm – First user-logon completes the re-installation of Vista-Biz? – Register now?]

[1:09pm – It (The setup.exe) has stopped adding crapware, and I can actually use the computer]

TOTAL – TIME; Start to Finish = 2Hours, and 15Minutes (Approx)

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