F10 (access standard menu)

Operating System – configuration – (Windows 7)

Need to access the ‘standard-menu’? – use F10 while in explorer, (File manager)

NOTE; Internet-Explorer8, has this same feature, (Hiding the standard-menu)

Screen-Dump; F10_cfgCHANGE-2.png

Hit the F10 - If you need to display the standard menu

access the standard-menu using F10

OTHER CHANGEs: – (The reason for wanting to access the standard-menu?)

USE: – Tools | Folder OptionsĀ  – (Then select the ‘view’ tabbed page, AND scroll)

The Hide-Extensions - Turn this feature OFF

Note; The standard-menu DISAPPEARs once a dialogue box has been selected


Change two settings;

#1: Remove-tick; “Hide Extensions for known file types”

#2: Remove-tick; “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”

Of course; – just ignore this configuration IF you see no need to do this sort of thing.

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