hit F12 key at POST

PROJECT: Rebuild Lenovo laptop (Model=r61)
FIRST; Must be able to access the bios. The combination of Lenovo/IBM recovery system-tools, AND, Micro$oft-VistaBIZ os COMBINATION, serves to obsure-&-hide, simple things (LIKE; access to the BIOS)

Hit F12 key at POST – (POST=power-on self test)

The original configuration with VistaBIZ had a splash-screen, that the initial bootup displayed straight-up, effectively preventing access, and I vaguely remember using the F8 key (Maybe) – to get “Behind” that splash screen.

Now that I have managed to DISABLE all the GUI (BIOS – Graphical-splash-screen) – I have MORE access to some of the little key-combinations that provide access to the lower-level system tools.

EXAMPLE-1; Ctrl+S = some boot-manager,
EXAMPLE-2; F8 = F-Key seems to be a manual access (Windows Key-combination) to “Windows did NOT start properly” and other nice messages from the windows OS

With the Windows7 RC expiring soon; I need to explore alternative OS’s (Or pay up for Windows7 license) – if I will to continue being in tecnical-support, it is HELPFUL to have the same OS, as the people, that I might be providing support to.

CURRENTLY: – (Using Knoppix 6.2, booted from 4GB usb) – hence ‘all-text’ post.

This is post is being keyed-in via browser “Iceweasel” on Knoppix 6.2 – (Which I quit like) – running off a 4GB usb installation. At this point in time, is would be most cost effective to continue using Knoppix 6.2 for the immediate week or two, and see how things progress. Solution for replacing Office-Excel will be my first project, as there is WORK to be completed, and I need MONEY to by that Windows-7 os.

Might revisit the google-service, online applications to start to LEARN what it can do.

THE-QUESTION; will clients using M$-Office be able to read the output? – that is the question that needs to be answered (last-week) asap.

OKie – DOKie – Iceweasel – does NOT provide the nice “WordPress” interface that I have become familiar with. I must install Firefox ASAP, (Another little technical-exercise to figure out), but I see knoppix has a “install-components” on the preferences menu. Must test-out IF firefox 3.6 is available. (The Iceweasel-browser is still quit functional, and useful), its just that my specific needs for online editing have developed habits)

OR; Learn more web-development stuff, and start adding the formatting tags manually? (Nah!)

UPDATED; (And some ‘re-formatting’ of this post – SUN 28 Feb 2010) – The Firefox browser-installation (On knoppix-6.2) did work after, downloading, and extracting. Mozilla provide the download (firefox-3.6.tar.bz2), – knoppix 6.2 provided the nice de-compression tool, (Named?).

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