New-Month (List of activities)

BACK-LOG; (Of ‘post-ideas’ ~  and other stuff for the month of February) –


#1: 500 GB Harddisk for Server 2008 –  O/S Trial-Installation [Done!][The buying of the harddisk – waiting for delivery, .. and VERY excited? – maybe not]

#2: You have won eBay Item BOOT RECOVERY REPAIR CD FOR WINDOWS 7 VISTA 98 2000 XP 320469882023 ! [Done!]

I like the square brackets – creatively speaking, they are visually MORE appealing than the squiggly brackets

Being NEW to blogging – (Since June/July 2009) – I am still getting familiar with ‘Just-the-Basic’s” of wordpress, .. and it is now 7-Months into being a user of wordpress, with a “Live-Blog”. I can remember a time, before this, when I did-NOT understand much about the blogging world, (Only what had been heard on – by some of the commentators, which doesnt get into the technical side of operating a blog. My p0int is, that most people I know, dont know or care much about the technical-jargon used to describe components of the blogging software. THIS; is a key-part of my being,  .. what I am doing is describing the learning experience, that I am having, while developing key-skills, to do with communications, and the Internet.

Not being a qualified word-smith; I get words back-to-front, but it seems readable to some of the people that comment, so that encourages me to continue.

I tend to avoid the self-introspection previously, so-as to focus mainly on ‘technical-stuff’ at hand, but as I get more fluent with wordpress, I am getting more adventurous.

Comment on Coments; (With Permalinks to posts that comments appear on)

#1: [TOPIC-POST; DCE vs DTE – I like this topic and would like to post MORE about this subject – but it is complete career-move into tele-communications, which I am NOT, .. I am more focused on systems-administration]

#2: [TOPIC-POST; Testing wp-cumulus – This post has received a number of comments, also – and deserves to get MORE input soon. (I promise)

All done for this morning [Now 12:55pm] – One last thing to do – OH-AND; create the hyper-links for the permalinks listed above, amongst other stuff, cause I do want to ‘Go-Out’ this afternoon, to pick up some bedframes/angle-iron from the tipshop.

There was some other stuff – (That I might add later – which was related to the technical-stuff) – BUT that will have to wait till later) – simply making the ebay purchases has resolved problems <-/-> solutions generated YESTERDAY, so now this backlog-list, seems redundant now. (Ill post it anyway – just to show that I have actually been doing something today, and host a visitor in the shed for an hour or so this morning, which all adds up to it now being 1pm) More than 1/2 the day gone, and still so much to do. [arghhh! – Time management is out of control]

[Manual – spell check NOT completed, so please excuse any typo’s][1:01pm publish]

[First quick ‘re-read’ – completed 1:15pm][Good enough for NOW, must do other things]

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