global warming orthodoxy – is wrong

IN – CONTEXT; 25 January 2010 ~ Monckton is about to begin an Australia lecture tour – (IF this interests you – follow the links, and listen to the audio “A passionate sceptic“)

MY-ORIGINAL-TITLE; “Some common sense – Thanks Christopher Monckton”

Christopher Monckton – The man speaks plainly about the following issues on ABC-Radio-National / SHOW: ~ Counter-Point ~ url >>> <<<

Lord Christopher Moncton, a leading critic of the castastrophic global warming scenario.

The abc transcript on counter point / “Lord Christopher Monckton: a passionate sceptic

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  1. global warming orthodoxy – is wrong
  2. We’ve had the ‘climate-gate’ emails revealing that all of the principal players in the IPCC who have been most articulate and most forthright in pushing the notion that climate change may prove catastrophic, have been linked together in what can only be described as a small but powerful conspiracy to bend, distort, invent, manufacture, fabricate, budge, shift, tamper with, tinker with and even destroy scientific evidence for the sake of over-sexing the dossier, to use an old phrase.
  3. that now needs to be reassessed, and it’s got to be done by an independent royal commission. Don’t let the scientists do it on their own,
  4. Part two is that you really don’t want to go down the ETS route. An emissions trading scheme would be the largest tax in the history of Australia,
  5. But there it was. He sent it straight to me, and I read it and was horrified to find that at paragraph 38 of annex 1 there were two references and very clear references to the establishment of a world government.
  6. So I was horrified at this, particularly because this world government was going to be given enormous powers to regulate all markets. There’d be no such thing as free markets anymore, they were going to transfer the operation of all markets to the control of this world government.
  7. And yet in these 186 pages, the words ‘democracy’, ‘ballot’, ‘vote’, ‘election’ do not occur even once. Why? Because they were wanting to set up a dictatorial government. It’s long been the ambition of totalitarians on every side, and here they thought they were going to get away with it.
  8. So those Australians who are listening to this who happen to believe in the old fashioned concept of democracy, which I happen to love, then watch out because your governing class would still quite like to hand your powers of election over to an unelected world government if they possibly could, and you must stop them.
  9. Paul Comrie-Thomson: Since Copenhagen, a lot has happened, the BBC for one has announced that it will carry out a probe into ‘the accuracy and impartiality of its science reporting’. Does that surprise you?
  10. Christopher Monckton: It surprises me very much that they have finally admitted that there’s something wrong with the BBC’s coverage.

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