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ogame ~

I dont know if there is any correlation between the real-universe, and the Drac-Universe, but this is my world now (RANK; was ‘exposed’ – now ‘infected’) ~ is this some sort of emotional-state that a player enter’s into, after being initiated into this game?

Colonization: From the Ground Up

Your empire is built upon the planets you inhabit,
your homeworld and colonies.
Building requires real estate.
Colonies are the real estate of OGame.
As with all real estate, you have three guiding
factors: (1) Location; (2) location; and
(3) location.

There are three main factors regarding location that
affect your choices for colonization:
(1) Each universe is divided into nine galaxies;
(2) each galaxy is divided into 499 star systems, and
(3) each star system is divided into 15 planet slots
(plus slot 16, which is known as outer space, and is
for exploration by expeditions).

GRAPHIC HERE – (Detailing Universe-47 against all the other universes)


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