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there & here

You need to be here? In October 2008 the last thing you wanted to do was go shopping for stocks. Lehman Brothers had just gone bust. The global credit system was at a standstill. Banks wouldn’t lend to each other, … Continue reading

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Chipset RTD 1186 ~ (As installed on 3D Android Player)

This chipset RTD1186 is used on a multitude of devices – google-image-search RTD1186 This aspect (ie, being installed into a “multitude-of-devices”) of said device, .. makes it nearly impossible to FIND specific instructions related to “network-connectivity” – Seems like nobody … Continue reading

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MW2, where the term “LagNET” was coined & IWNet is IWShit

LagNET a New term? (probably not, but defined well by activision, Steam, and IWNet) GOOGLE-SEARCH: – What is IWNet? TITLE: – Known Issue – VERY common problem – (Steam is responsible?) Connecting to IWNet, … (Does not work) Sign into … Continue reading

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