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USB Infrared Toy v2

PIC 18F2550 $19.50 + P&H – Purchased? – YES! RELATED LINKs #1: – #2: – #3: – #4: – Purchase ? Start here with add to cart  

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Floorplan designer

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Fix MX700 – (with an axe)

LIST – Sites that might be useful resolving MX700 problems? LIST – Not in any particular order – But number one [#1] seems like the most useful. #1: – Taking apart a Canon MX700 all-in-one printer – By Tim Anderson … Continue reading

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FIN_WAIT_2 Timer, ~ and other assorted timers

Just viewing Proving It’s Not the Network with Path Analysis and thought, BEFORE watching this video, Ill check extactly what is currently connected to this laptop using netstat -a, which provided some info. Often have 30 to 50 tabbed pages … Continue reading

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3g for network engineers

Useful Links – THIS-LINK; – This bloke has nailed it in one sentence – [QUOTE]  What Your Telco Won’t Tell You ~  A warning: many Telstra representatives will not be aware of, many of the company’s “other” products; also … Continue reading

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Chipset ~ 945PL-S3

Chipset ~ 945PL-S3 search – Review and Release date 945PL chipset – According to – The release date for chipset 945PL was March 2006 The 945PL-S3 motherboard is based on the Intel 945PL Northbridge chipset and the Intel ICH7 … Continue reading

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