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android forked

This helps explain the goings on with all the different versions of android available. ZDNet Tech Update Today [] ~ Google has forked Android There’s no official word, but it doesn’t take much reading between the lines to see … Continue reading

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Ready for mobile?

In an effort to make this blog compatible / viewable on mobile device(‘s) – (approx mobile screen size 240 x 320 and larger) The word-press plugin – ‘wptouch’ – has been added today. Image taken from the SDK emulator, (loaded … Continue reading

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new account registration

TEST – new account registration – (Contributor account) – The contributor account has – “Submit for Review” How might someone post a comment? – Using a contributor account – I dont think this is going to work – (Here is … Continue reading

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GSM based technology

GOOGLED – gsm based technology – IMAGE – Transmitting_tower_us – #1: – #2: – #3: – Universal subscriber identity module Quoted-from; – – Since almost all mobile phones use cellular technology, including GSM, CDMA, and AMPS (analog), … Continue reading

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iPhone / Safari

For the commenter,… – informing (thanks) – this site is not rendering properly – (iPhone) – Here is long-term (development) solution – How do I detect an iPhone user coming to my site? – will not help display the … Continue reading

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URL Terminated – (nospam.php?)

Spammers are such fun – I liked this message so much, provided by TinyURL, … – that I RE-pasted it here The TinyURL (358y9sk) you visited was used by its creator in violation of our terms of use. TinyURL has … Continue reading

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