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TR – Blog tips in 2010

Tech Republic – popular Windows Blog tips of 2010 –

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Addon Domain(‘s)

THE SENARIO – (Goes something LIKE this) Already have a domain-name, hosted with ‘a-provider’, … And, … poking about, find a alternative solution, .. (12-Months hosting for $75 + FREE domain-name) – Take the offer, and proceed, .. thus – … Continue reading

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Ever wondered why the name ‘Peter Anvin’ appears (when the system first starts booting) on a lot of Linux distro’s? .. (I have), .. this afternoon I googled this fellows name to see what I could find, … QUOTED – … Continue reading

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unwanted traffic

Found this little extract on Telstra’s website – It seem very mundane, and boring – until you realise what these policies mean for ever-day usage of the Internet (if you managing a mail server), .. and we all like our … Continue reading

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