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Project for tomorrow -(expand source)-

Work through this tutorial – – Another? – (related-info-source) here – – UPDATED – 5:05pm Tuesday 30 Nov – Maybe Saturday might allow (time) for this project to be completed then. UPDATED – 8:55am Sunday 12 Dec – … Continue reading

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“” (an empty string)

“” (an empty string) – googled? – (answer=yes) ~ null_object-211 ~ QUOTED-FROM-URL: – In today’s web development world, we’re all doing something along these lines, whether we know it or not. Download a new WordPress theme? Make sure you’ll … Continue reading

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Why FAKE emails – provided by spammers –

I have attempted to email you a number of times. I have changed the “FW” (Forward) – to a “directly-sent-email” to confirm/check that my eMail system, is NOT the problem. You have provided me with a FAKE eMail address. Below … Continue reading

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Dynamic Related Posts -[Plugin]-

The plugin named – Dynamic Related Posts – is working,- It was installed recently, .. and having coding-stuff to configure, seems overly-complex, and initial impression was that it simply was not working due to needing more configuration, … so promptly … Continue reading

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Computer ports -(Serial)-

While most new computers sold in 2010, will not have serial -/- parallel ports, you might wonder why serial-ports might be of interest. Most industrial automation still use the RS-232 and RS-485 protocols for network communications, monitoring and control systems, … Continue reading

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_wp formatting

A Question: – LIKE this – (From ‘a commenter’ on the GRD-Blog)  “e-mail me with a few suggestions on just how you made your blog look this excellent?” Firstly – Thanks for saying it looks “this excellent” – prompts me … Continue reading

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e bomb

One thing lead’s to another: – (Watched Die hard 4.0 in TV-Channel-10) – One of the main characters -(a hacker) – used this term, .. ‘e bomb’ to describe something LIKE an email-spamming-porn-advertisement-inducing-vomit-viagra-enlargeYourPenis-YouHaveWon-ClickHereNow-Endless-Bar-age-Virus-/-Worn-Laiden-Opps-ISpeltSumFinkCorrectly-infection-compromise(ing)- e bomb – Googled e bomb – … Continue reading

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Just want to make a REF_note – – The demo-display is VERY informative, … (And a useful reference on creating *.css files) – an image might be upl0aded soon – Here is a picture stolen from-url –

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ERROR – Can’t select database

In an effort to simply -/- document the problems encountered, … this might seem incomplete and missing HUGE sections of information to make complete or whole. This error was encountered while testing ‘install-procedures’ – to make a working-version of the … Continue reading

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new toy ?

The domain is working – url – – [Updated 2:15pm Wed 17 Nov 2010] UPDATED – Sunday 28 Nov 2010 – Has uploaded this GRD-blog to this domain, and using the wordpress-theme Twenty-Ten, to develop new skills with wordpress-themes, … Continue reading

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