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FKeys -[F1]-

The F1 key – (used to access the BIOS on the r61-laptop) – AFTER pressing the ThinkVantage button. Prepare the boot device #1: – Power off the computer. #2: – Power on the computer. #3: – While the “To interrupt … Continue reading

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Discussion | Settings

grd/blog – CHANGE – Automatically close comments on articles older than 14 days UPDATED – [6:05pm Sun 7 Nov 2010] -The ’14-Day’ limit was changed to something LIKE six weeks

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3G Data Device

Modems supplied by Telstra – Model-Details NOT provided with “Retail-box” AFTER much searching around, … (Project; –  port-forwarding) – I came across this, … and thought I might need to reference this again soon. UPDATED; – Sat 10 Sept 2011 … Continue reading

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Safari 5.0.1

TESTED – – (Is working on the MAC(intosh)-Browser called “Safari” Somebody – (Commenter -/- Spammer -/- +++ ) – generously let me know that they “having trouble viewing your site in Safari” – No problems I tell myself – … Continue reading

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Spamming Billions

RE – Found website of interest – (One that identifies “Spammer-TYPEs”) – TOPIC – Sub-Forums : Moronic idiot running forum spam script on IP I’m going to spam my way to BILLIONS !!!! Duh !!! I thought this … Continue reading

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Browser plugin – NoScript

Due to the cost of ISP-Data-Rates, I now have to “ration” the content downloaded, (Esp video-content that is configured to “Play-Automatically“) The most useful tool to do this (currently Sept 2010) – Firefox-Plugin – NAMED – It might take … Continue reading

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Post review –

Reviewing post-titled; -“ThinkVantage Technology” Now let’s be honest. We load up this software because we receive money from the vendors to do so.  You as a consumer are much more likely to buy the full or upgraded version of a … Continue reading

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New RSS feed link (Fixed)

The posts in “Content-Format” – (Use this url) ABOVE – The posts in “Shortened-xml-format” -OR- click the button – The “Feed-4-Comments“, (Remains UN-Changed) –

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wp robot

Can you make sense of the following three sentences from url – – ? Automated article -/- text robots ~ make BAD copy? – , .. convince me I have pasted -[QUOTED-EXACTLY]- below the “First-Sentence” of the “First-Three-Paragraphs” #1: … Continue reading

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sumfink is not right – (with RSS feed)

RSS – FEED (Now working 10:03pm Sat 11 Sept 2010) url = Please “Re-Subscribe” – (Anybody using the old “Security-Ethusiast-RSS-feed” has been removed) – Some details as to WHY is posted below. Sincerest appologies for any inconvienice created, .. … Continue reading

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