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post(s) closed

Posts Closed Recently: For the benefit of all keen spammers, here is a notice to let you know that the following posts have been closed. Thanks for all your spamming efforts in the past, they have all been very informative, … Continue reading

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Threat has been detected?

wtf? – Since purchase(ing) Telstra-TURBO-Prepaid-USB-Modem – I get regular notifications via Avast-(anti-virus) – “Threat has been detected” -???- AND; It persists every-time some DCOM thingy does sumfink! uhmph! Do I really need to do SOMETHING about this error message -???- … Continue reading

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OpenVMS – still actively being developed?

OpenVMS – still actively being developed? Two-comments (prompted this post) – on article – “Why is Apple Meddling With My Windows AutoRun?” THOSE COMMENTS – (Pasted here directly from the commments forum/section Quoted here) Submitted by Alphaman (not verified) on … Continue reading

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Cisco IronPort – (Web security appliance)

JOB-SEARCH – Network Security Officer -?- REQUIRE – “IronPort” skill sets – AND; other(s) GOOGLED – “Ironport web filter” VISITED –

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Moores Law

Paul Del Vecchio ~ (Senior Performance Analyst working at Intel) – “says – software optimization is literally a job that never ends”. ARTICLE: – De-Mystifying Software Performance Optimization I found this picture useful, … in terms of understanding the relationship … Continue reading

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tl; dr;

TL; DR; = To Long, Didnt Read – QUOTED – DEFINITON – #4: -[FROM-URL: –] buy tl;dr mugs, tshirts and magnets “too long; didn’t read.” 1. The inability to accept, understand or pay attention to information when not separated … Continue reading

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Straight jacket(ed)

Find / Search / Unpack & Repack / – Develop simple procedures and policies – Avoid the straight-jacket imposed by other(s) – (esp; – those in ivory towers) Another Search ivory towers Since the 19th century, the term Ivory Tower … Continue reading

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enable high-speed 2.0 support -?- (vmware browser appliance)

SENARIO – Telstra (Pre-Paid) usb Turbo-Modem – Is NOT working for vmware browser-appliance “Ubuntu 5.10” (Breezy Badger) – note – I have been using this tool since 2005 on various desktops running XP-professional, .. Now – have recently updated to … Continue reading

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old index – (log)

Web-Development progress – (Sequence = Oldest 2006-2007 to Newest 2008-2009) – something LIKE that! #0: – #1: – #2: – Thats a blast from the recent past – (Iam a poet and didnt know it) – IF … Continue reading

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guitar work

Keith Richards Gimme Shelter guitar work YouTuber Рkeithrichardsstones  |  16 January 2010 Keith play alone guitar in gimme shelter, classic song from let it bleed EMBED -?

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