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Taylorism -/-

FROM-URL – – This defintion in block-quotes below taken from this url (above) TAYLORISM Frederick Taylor (1911) Principles of Scientific Management devised a means of detailing a division of labor in time-and-motion studies and a wage system based on … Continue reading

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preserve changes (persistent mode)

This tool at “pendrivelinux” – looks to be a tool that will help resolve the persistent-mode (preserve changes) – on USB-Linux-OS(s), … (follow the link below) There is a number of other article(s) here on this topic – (Read … Continue reading

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some understanding

Homer Simpson said – Just because I dont care Doesn’t mean I dont understand

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The Black Knight

FROM-YouTuber; – HopelessRomantic27 | 30 August 2007 | “It’s just a flesh wound!”

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An interesting term – ( Un-Churched ? – heard just now on RN ~ – Visit the spirit of things here – – Talks about the mega-churches not having “churchy-stuff” LIKE a cross, and stained glass windows { … Continue reading

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May 7, 1895 – birth of electronic era

Some people might think wireless to be a recently new technology, .. May 7, 1895, was to become the birth day of the ELECTRONIC ERA. On that historic date, the first wireless telegraph message was successfully transmitted, received, and deciphered. … Continue reading

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Money making approaches [with blog(s)]

This site provides a nice simple overview, .. (Follow this link to read the complete article) Sell Advertising: Selling Other People‚Äôs Products: Direct Sales: Network Marketing. This sentence (quoted-below) is the most relevant for me. Be sure to recommend … Continue reading

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set the home page

GOOGLE-SEARCH: – Make Home shortcuts OBJECTIVE tell customers how to set their homepage to http:// -{blah}- .com. go to Tools | Internet options | and click use current (while on that page, make sure there is only one-tabbed page open. … Continue reading

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Certification renewal

FROM – CompTIA recently announced that effective Jan. 1, 2011, certifications such as A+, Network+ and Security+ will be valid for three years and then will need to be renewed. – (Read the complete article on the url above) … Continue reading

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The computer says no!

SENARIO: Searching a large database – (NOTE; – You MUST (It certainly helps if you) create an account -AND- Login before attempting to search this database) Stop searching for something that does NOT exist Do you -/- I – know … Continue reading

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