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OS lifecycle info

FROM; – The TechNet Australia Blog End of support for Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista RTM and Windows 2000 Server As we announced in 2008, support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) will end on July 13, 2010. Support … Continue reading

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Average Joe Marketer

This bloke (And his many marketing affiliates) have provided me with this money making website, .. so I have provided the required details (clickbank ID), and here it is >>> <<< All I have to do now is drive … Continue reading

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HTC DROID Incredible from Verizon Wireless

REVIEWED – April 18th, 2010 – Review by Matthew Miller @ 9:00 pm As Seen On: The whirlpool-site has interesting information on HTC devices [see link #1:] #1: – – Will it work in Australia? #2: – … Continue reading

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APP CRASH – (Firefox – Browser)

PROBLEM: APP CRASH – (Firefox – Browser) THE ACCUSSATION: – Evil “Bundled” software installer; – Skype – (Theyve bundled this addon into the installer) – and I have failed to detect it during the instalation. SOURCE OF PROBLEM: >>> … Continue reading

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Kubrick theme

THE KUBRICK THEME; – Recent commenter(s) have asked what theme this is? I have provided a response to these enquire’s, and feel that a formal “Post” will make it easier for ME to “point-to”, .. (rather than typing up a … Continue reading

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Kashtan CIWS

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uploading using Filezilla ~ I love ftp

Made some observations about using the file transfer protocol (FTP) – (THIS POST; Is intended for “new-users” of the FTP client / protocol, NOT advanced users that already know everything) SENARIO: -recently uploaded >>> M-Series template <<<  (Using the Yaml … Continue reading

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Sofa world speed record

YouTube user; tomccaul ~ posted this video up — 30 May 2007 tomccaul says; – We’ve built a motorised sofa and we’ve broken the Guinness Book of World Records’ entry for “fastest furniture” No roll cage – omg

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yaml5 (Two Columns) ~ GRD m series

TITLE: – yaml5 (Two Columns) ~ GRD m series DESCRIPTION: – Basic template. Web development starting point with navigation links builtin. Contains four individual pages, should validate as xhtml transitional. (To be checked soon) LINK: – DOWNLOAD: – here … Continue reading

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IBM / Lenovo (component-parts) FRU vs CRU

IBM / LENOVO: – (Actually explain, their system / convention used to identify computer parts) HERE >>> <<< When to use marketing part numbers and when to use service part FRU numbers Since the Lenovo restructure, … the older … Continue reading

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