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Windows® 7 true potential

YouTube video – taken from url; – HERE; This guy talks about some of the performance IMPROVEMENTS, (and how they went about achieving those improvements) – which were required to redeem Micro$oft, after the debarkel called Vista. Run Windows® … Continue reading

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Category Slug? (Test-Post)

Added Category – “email&spam” – under the parent-category “eMail” OK; So now there is a SUB-Category Publishing this POST – (Just to see what it looks like LIVE) OBSERVATION: – (Looks the same as any other post, in this view) … Continue reading

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BIOS – Execution Prevention (enabled)

Checking F12 access to the BIOS on this Vista-Biz / Lenovo R61 laptop. After entering the BIOS, I find a section titled “Execution Prevention” – and typed out the contents of what item specific help says. Item specific help – … Continue reading

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ISDN – (retro tech)

_ FEATURE; / RETRO TECH – Gone but not forgotten, By Ian Harris TAKEN – FROM; Feature article – (The Australian PC User magazine) September 2006 Page-55; Some Interesting facts about ISDN. Verbatim – (Ie, this is not quoted exactly, … Continue reading

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Multicolumn Layout

After doing some (more) background reading on css / frameworks, sitepoint-article applying-lessons-from-css-frameworks – I have decided to try a different approach to learning about css (just for something different) now gseries XHTML is validated. Also – want to link to … Continue reading

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BMW Service (via Augmented Reality)

Augmented Reality technology, Innovation in Service YouTube ID = V431 POSTED  ….. – 03 October 2007 current research project at BMW From url; –

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A and M Series ThinkCentre Desktops

Removing HPA on M58p – The forum – has a LOT of links / information related, to removing HPA (Hidden Partition Area) FORUM SECTION; (Titled; “A and M Series ThinkCentre Desktops“) – The following four links (From this forum) are … Continue reading

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HPA – Predesktop Area

HPA  *(Hidden Partition Area)* – Also described as “Predesktop Area” AS – POSTED; (By Registered User ID –  surfandcross – SCROLL 1/2 way down the page) “As shipped, R40 hard drive was formatted FAT32, with an ~3G hidden area containing … Continue reading

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Registry Fix – Repair

Registry Fix -Repair Did you know that many PC issues are easily repairable? Don’t pay a technician loads of money for an issue that you can easily repair yourself! – Try Registry Fix and Repair Every Microsoft Windows operating system … Continue reading

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Positive ion

CHAPTER-1 – Basic Radio Course – 1967 (4-Pages) Prepared and published by ELECTRONICS AUSTRALIA Incorp “Radio, Television & Hobbies” Retail: $1.50 What makes a positive charge, OR negative charge? The outer electrons in many types of atom are rather wayward … Continue reading

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